Siding Cleaning

Either at the estimate, or during the job you will be informed of any stains or dirt that may not come off in the process.  You will also be informed if the paint is in too poor of condition for cleaning.  We will not mislead you.  If we cannot make your siding look better, we will tell you.  We will not waste your time and money.  We recommend your windows be cleaned after we clean your siding because spotting from the water can occur.  In most cases, we can do the work which we can quote at the time we quote your siding, but we are not a window cleaning company. 

We clean siding as if we are cleaning our own house.  First we walk around the house to assess the job and plan our starting point.  Next we set up our equipment hoses, soft brushes and soap.  We use your water supply, but you need not worry about cost, you probably will not notice any difference on your water bill.  We spray to wet the area that we are about to clean.  We proceed to scrub the siding with soapy water and soft bristle brushes that will not scratch your siding.  We then rinse your siding and repeat where necessary.  When the job is complete, we walk around the house to check our work before we pack up and leave.  We use environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure that your flowers and grass are not harmed.  Find out why people think of us when they think of Siding Cleaning. 

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